ClearCorrect Clear Aligners in South San Jose

ClearCorrect clear aligners are a fantastic way to discreetly address orthodontic issues. This simple but effective teeth-straightening treatment can comfortably provide you with the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

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Alignment issues with your teeth are not only a source of self-consciousness but can also be a detriment to your oral health. Traditional braces are highly effective at treating those issues, but they can also be an uncomfortable hindrance that draws unwanted attention.

If you’re looking for a more discreet and comfortable solution to your orthodontic issues, ClearCorrect aligners may be the answer.

Before looking for a dentist who offers clear aligners in South San Jose, take a look at this guide to the amazing teeth straightening treatment that can save your smile and boost your self-confidence.

Key Points

  • ClearCorrect aligners are an effective alternative to metal braces

  • They can treat minor to mild orthodontic issues

  • We use digital scanners for accurate pre-planning

  • Treatment time takes between 8 and 14 months

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are a removable alternative to traditional braces designed to be less noticeable and more comfortable. Treatment involves wearing clear aligners for about 22 hours a day, removing them only for oral hygiene, eating, and drinking. Perhaps the most well-known of all clear aligner systems is Invisalign.

If you’re looking for something like Invisalign in San Jose, Ghadiri Comprehensive Dental offers ClearCorrect. We often recommend this system to patients who have issues with overcrowding, misalignment, and spacing but who are reluctant to deal with the metal wires and brackets that come with traditional braces.

What to Expect from ClearCorrect Aligners

When you go to a dentist who offers ClearCorrect in South San Jose, you can expect the following:

Mouth Scan

In order to create your aligner trays, you’ll need to have your mouth scanned. At Ghadiri Comprehensive Dental, we use digital scanners in our pre-planning phase to ensure the most effective treatment possible.

Wearing Your Aligners

Once you receive your sets of aligners, you’ll wear them for 22 hours a day in order to gradually move your teeth into the desired position. Every few weeks, you’ll switch to a new aligner tray until you’ve gone through the entire set, a process that usually takes close to a year.

Regular Check-Ins

To ensure that your treatment is going well, you’ll stop in for regular appointments with us. These appointments are simple: you’ll speak with the doctor about how you feel the treatment is going and then receive a brief oral exam.

Frequently Asked Questions about ClearCorrect

Here are the answers to some questions we’re often asked about the ClearCorrect system:

What Orthodontic Issues Can ClearCorrect Treat?

ClearCorrect is effective at treating mild to moderate bite misalignment, tooth spacing, tooth crowding, and a number of other cosmetic issues with teeth. Sometimes, however, the issues are too significant for this type of treatment, in which case we may refer you to an orthodontist in San Jose.

Is There an Age Limit for This Treatment?

Provided you have all of your permanent teeth, there is generally no medical reason why you can’t have clear aligners. However, we find that patients younger than 12 often lack the discipline necessary to wear their aligners for the prescribed amount of time, so traditional braces may be the better option for them.

Is There Any Aftercare Involved with ClearCorrect?

We strongly encourage patients to wear retainers after clear aligner treatment in order to keep their teeth from shifting.

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