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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is my dental procedure going to be painful?

We will carefully numb the affected area which only takes a minute or so. Once you are numb, you shouldn’t feel any pain at all! The numbness can be rather annoying, but you will not experience tenderness or pain.

How much will my dental procedure cost?

We are happy to provide you with an estimate for the cost of your procedure as well as pre-determine the amount covered by your insurance plan. We work with you to ensure that there are no surprises in the cost of your dental care.

Does your office accept my insurance?

We accept all insurance plans which do not require a restricted, assigned dentist. We are also Delta Dental Premier dentists.

Can I have all my dental treatment completed in your office?

We can take care of most of your specialty needs including root canals, extractions, deep cleaning and implants in our office.

Does your office do cosmetic dentistry?

Yes! We provide veneers, invisible braces and in-house bleaching.

Does your office allow the option of sedation dentistry?

Yes, we have nitrous oxide available, in addition to oral sedation.

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